Home Staging

Home staging or "staged home" is a technique for development of a good real estate which allows to optimize the aesthetic of the latter with a minimum of costs for a maximum of results.

The basic principle and relieve and depersonalize parts and to provide a neutral space available. Each potential buyer will be able to be there projecting with its own colour codes, materials and interiors.

Home staging enables owners and estate agents to make it more attractive and more competitive their real property for sale. This aesthetic revolution and marketing, implementation in the years 70, passed today by clients wishing to create immediate heart stroke and emotion to make their "unique"..

ads immo-services is a company specialized in this field and presents the Romand real estate market. It is on the lookout for the latest techniques and a team and reactive it will you accompany and advise you throughout your project.

Our benefits :

Visit Council of 2 h Fr. 280.-          (apartment and House up to 150 m 2) Diagnosis + Action plan

During a Council visit we will give you all the recommendations for :

  • De-identify your space.
  • Highlight your volumes by giving you the list of what must be done, either by reordering or just walkways your space, in the reméttant State or the refreshing.

The coaching work of 5 h Fr. 580.- In 3 visits

  • Appointment for the implementation of the construction site (durée 2h), monitoring of the current siduration 2 he 2h), implementation of the new atmosphere (duration 1 h)
  • Quote request tailor-made according to your needs.
  • Our consultants are available to help you in coaching work that you have undertaken by you and our designer can advise you to maximize your space and organize your interior volumes, help you in the choice of materials and colours.

Work Fr. 1200.-     (Follow-up and coordination, arrangement of the furniture + Deco touch)

After the appointment Board and you have submitted your folder custom, "Coordination to work" step can begin.
A description of the work will allow partners artisans establish you specifications on the market and tariffs in force. After acceptance of these offers by your care the relay will be provided by your interior designer, characterized by its technical knowledge, He will know realize you your project technical plans.
The latter will manage manage, by a developed planning in place between the various stakeholders, cohesion and the intervention of the various bodies of trades.
Later, your coordinator will then offer you samples of materials that provide to your desires. It will establish you, based on your needs and desires, reviews to ensure better follow-up of the transformation of your future home.

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